Earlier this week, Snoop Dogg was slapped with a lawsuit filed in Michigan by respected bass player and vocalist Michael Henderson.

Henderson played extensively with Miles Davis late in his career, and also recorded with many other jazz and soul artists, including Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. He also enjoyed a successful solo career as a bassist and vocalist, releasing eight albums from 1976-86.

On Tuesday, July 6, Henderson's lawyers filed suit against Snoop and fellow Cali rappers MC Eiht, Goldie Lo and Kam, along with Snoop's Doggystyle Records and Universal Music, for illegally sampling the song 'Riding' from his 1979 album 'Do It All.' The funky disco song was allegedly used on a mixtape by Snoop & co. called 'Flashbacks,' which the suit claims was used to promote Snoop's 2008 album 'Ego Trippin'. Additionally Henderson's lawyers charge that Snoop's 'Hands on the Wheel' also incorporated elements from 'Riding,' and was similarly used to promote Snoop's West Fest tour in 2008.

According to the leaked court documents, Henderson is seeking an unspecified amount of damages for copyright infringement, unjust enrichment and unfair competition. Snoop has yet to comment regarding the case, but he's not alone. A separate lawsuit filed by Henderson targets Murs and 9th Wonder for the same reasons.

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