Snoop Dogg celebrated the release of his eleventh studio album, 'Doggumentary,' alongside country rocker Willie Nelson while performing on the 'Late Show with David Letterman' Tuesday (March 29).

The West Coast rhymer commanded the stage inside the Ed Sullivan theater, beginning his set with 'Lay Low,' a hit off his fifth LP, 'The Last Meal.' He then moved into his X-rated tune 'Wet' and the Lex Luger-produced 'Platinum.'

Throughout the performance, Snoop showcased notable hits that put him on the map, like the infamous track 'The Next Episode,' off Dr. Dre's praised LP, '2001,' and 'Drop It Like It's Hot.' The braided haired rhymer, who was dressed head to toe in Adidas -- his shirt read "New York" and showcased the New York Knicks team colors -- walked to the side of the stage during the show and bumped fists with a teen, then rhyming his classic hit 'Gin and Juice' while noting the song was most likely written before the young fan was born.

As a finale, Snoop brought out Willie Nelson, who he calls "his brother from another mother." Nelson shared a story with the audience about them traveling to Amsterdam together, where they shared their common love of the sticky icky. The duo then performed 'Superman.'

Snoop Dogg's 'Doggumentary' is in stores now.

Watch Snoop Dogg's 'My Medicine' feat. Willie Nelson
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