Last weekend, everyone's favorite troubled actor Charlie Sheen tweeted a photo of himself in the studio with Snoop Dogg and Filter guitarist Rob Patterson, hinting that the trio were at work on some new musical masterpiece. Well, now there's official confirmation from the Doggfather himself.

Snoop made an appearance on 'Lopez Tonight' on Thursday (March 31), where he revealed that fans, critics and curious folks could expect to hear the new music in less than a week.

"Me and Charlie, we working on something right now in the studio, trying to put some music together. Something real crazy," Snoop told Lopez. "He's a brilliant guy. I'm having so much fun just being around him. I love having relationships with different people who aren't the normal, who aren't the usual. We're making some real classic material. We'll probably put something on Twitter in like three or four days."

The new music will be featured in Sheen's one-man comedy tour, 'Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option.' During a phone call to Detroit's 95.9 FM radio station on Friday morning (April 1), Sheen confirmed that Snoop would join him onstage at the Detroit show.

Snoop Dogg's collaboration with Charlie Sheen is just the latest in a string of unusual promotional antics tied into the release of his album 'Doggumentary,' which hit stores on March 29. The West Coast rapper recently appeared in a commercial for New Zealand Airlines, and during his 'Lopez Tonight' appearance, he claimed that Queen Elizabeth actually commissioned him to pen the song 'Wet' for her grandson Prince William's bachelor party.

In May, the Doggfather will begin working on the new stoner comedy 'High School' with Wiz Khalifa. The duo will also provide their own soundtrack to the film.

Watch Snoop Dogg's 'Boom'
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