Snoop Dogg just released the visuals to his cut "Mount Kushmore," featuring Redman, B-Real and Method Man, off his Neva Left album and it's vastly entertaining.

The animated clip starts with a Donald Trump character observing the "Mount Rushmore" sculptors, which has the faces of all four rappers instead of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

Then there's a flashback, and you get to see how the new faces were created. There's also plenty of scenes that show each rap legend being surrounded by women and tons of weed.

Of course, before the Wiz Khalifas and Curren$ys of the world made the ganja leaf their motif, Snoop, Red, Meth and B-Real did it years before. Not only did the rap vets pretty much start the marijuana sub-genre in hip-hop, they also made some of the best songs celebrating weed in rap history.

Beyond making comical music videos, The Dogg Father is keeping pretty busy as usual. Besides dropping his well-reviewed Neva Left LP, it was recently announced that he'll be joining Lincoln Park on the One More Light tour this fall. Snoop will also be hosting a reboot of the 70s game show Joker's Wild, and he also jumped on a song with G-Eazy recently.

With all of that, it's amazing the west coast legend still has time to drop a dope animated video in "Mount Kushmore," which you can see up top.

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