Snoop Dogg released a new mixtape with DJ Drama titled 'Thats My Work 3' earlier this month and he's still busy as ever performing concerts, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a little extra time on his hands. Extra time often leads to weird activities though, and the veteran rapper is no stranger to engaging in experiences that some deem questionable. Case in point: he got his nails did.

The West Coast native, like 99 percent of other rhymers, isn't known for needing well-manicured nails. That said, the new black-and-white colored tips he showed off on Instagram don't look all that off on him. "

"Hands of Time," Snoop Dogg captions one of the photos, although we'd imagine the Hands of Time to be more wrinkled and less fabulous. The Donne and Ginny Gee, a sister duo who own Hey, Nice Nails nail salon in Long Beach, Calif., hooked the rapper up. They even made a house call.

"House calls with Snoop are the best! #nailsformales #malenails #nailart #heynicenails #snoopdogg #longbeach #lbc," they wrote in a caption for a photo of the MC flashing his finely polished and decorated fingernails. Check out the dollar signs on the nails too.

The legend has been making headlines for his antics more than his actual work recently. Last month, Snoop Dogg smoked so much weed in his hotel room that Australian firefighters thought there was a serious emergency.