Snoop Dogg is planning a little collaboration with David Beckham. The only odd part is that neither of the superstars will be directly involved. It's all about the kids this time around.

Snoop recently revealed that he's facilitating a new supergroup that includes his kids -- Corde, 15, and Cordell, 12 -- as well as Beckham's three sons, who range in age between 5 and 11-years-old. While this could be a fun afterschool activity for all involved, there's enough star power to actually churn out legitimate tween hits. Snoop has also apparently discussed the project and gotten preliminary commitments from both Bow Wow and Soulja Boy.

"With me, David and Victoria behind them they would be unstoppable," the rapper told the Daily Star recently. "I haven't put it to David yet. But when he is back in L.A. I will have a meeting organized. I don't want to rush things but I can't see why their first single should not be out by Christmas."

With the recent hype behind Willow Smith's first single and news of a BET rap cypher that puts Rev Run and Ice Cube with their respective kin, we be looking at 2010 as the year our legends finally let their children roam free and all over the pop charts.

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