Snoop Dogg has made a remarkable name for himself in the rap game, and after more than two decades in the industry, he's ready to make it a family affair.

His 12-year-old daughter, Cori, has decided to follow in her famous father's footsteps, diving headfirst into the music industry. The often reserved youngest member of the Broadus crew, which includes two older brothers, finds her voice on the up-beat yet playful single 'Do My Thang,' released in August.

In putting together her music, which will be released on her mother's Boss Lady Entertainment imprint, the pre-teen looked to her father for advice. "I'm proud of my baby girl," Snoop tells The Boombox. "To me, she's just an extension of my wife. She's like a mini Shante. To see my daughter want to do it and love it is beautiful to me because I can put my energy into this."

The West Coast MC went on to explain his feelings about sharing his gift with his offspring. "I've always wanted to give it back to somebody that I can give it to unconditional and not feel like they're going to misuse the game. I can give it to her uncut, I can tell her when she ain't right, when she's doing good, when she's [not] and she accepts the information with love because she knows it's all from the heart."

Cori previously appeared alongside her dad, mom and brothers on their short-lived E! reality show 'Father Hood.'