Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Willie D are joining other Houston rappers with a mission to end violence in their hometown. The rhymers came together to meet with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner as well.

To launch their initiative, the rappers opened an account with Unity Bank in the Third Ward in hopes to kickstart the economy in the neighborhood, reports CW39. From there, the group has some other plans. Geto Boys' Willie D said that they also wants to “create an atmosphere of respect instead of discontent with our law enforcement.”

“You know, it’s very important that people understand that when we say Black lives matter, we’re not saying that blue lives do not matter," he continued.

Mayor Turner agrees and added that it's important and often effective for celebrities to get involved with issues of the community.

"There a lot of people in our city that have lost hope and people are feeling helpless,” said the Mayor. “People in many ways are feeling disrespected, and these individuals here -- these artists -- they have collectively more power than I do.”

As for Paul Wall, he's just looking to make a change whether it's big or small.

"Even if we save just one life it was a success,” he said.

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike, who recently publicly urged black people to transfer their money to black-owned banks, specifically calling on Atlantans to drop $100 in the black-owned Citizen's Trust Bank, commended the move on Instagram. Mike's call reportedly resulted in over 8,000 new accounts opened by the bank in just one week.

"These are my friends and fellow rappers being the change that those who down talk them accuse them of not being," Mike wrote, acknowledging Paul Wall in particular. "I salute the rappers in H-Town."

See Mike's Instagram post below.

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