Killer Mike stopped by Hot 107.9 in Atlanta to discuss the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile police murders, and the feelings of confusion, anger and helplessness many black Americans have been left with. In the interview with host MzShyneka, a visibly angry Mike urges residents of Atlanta to counter prejudice by re-focusing their spending and investing their money into businesses that support people of color.

“Take your money out of this dog’s hands,” he says in the above clip. “It’s time to get these dogs out of office that care nothing for you.”

He laments that he's "ashamed to be a part of this country."

This notion of fighting back with money has been argued for decades as a fast, effective way to push change and somehow put a damper on the racism that continues to cripple this nation. While Mike took a minute to applaud Atlanta’s police force for their efforts to create and maintain a “safe” environment for Black communities, adding that his encounters with APD have been relatively safe comparably, he pointed out that outside of his hometown, all bets were off.

“15 miles outside of Atlanta, I’m afraid I will be murdered," he said.

“Do whatever it takes to survive a police encounter, don’t give them a reason to kill you,” he urged. “But should you have to fight for your life, it is certainly better to have to look at a jury than your mother have to look at a pallbearer."

Check the full interview above and let us know what you think of Mike’s advice.

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