Slim Thug is still moving like a boss on his new single, “Kingz & Bosses.” The Houston rap legend enlisted Big K.R.I.T to bring his kingly perspective on the Wolfe-produced track.

On the song, Thugga and Krizzle rap about being self-reliant and making money on their own terms.

“Live like a king, think like a boss / ‘Cause if I want something, I’m going to work my ass off / Till I got it, no stoppin’ / No quitting’, givin’ up is not an option / Fuck waitin’, I got my own shit poppin’,” Slim Thug spits on the horn-blaring song.

Meanwhile, Big K.R.I.T embraces his kingly status bragging, "My credit is good / I spend my money from my sock you wish your debit could / I wish a million for my partners that's still in the 'hood / They got skills but there ain't no court to ball / I ain't talkin' shootin' shots I'm talkin' about shots to call."

“Kingz & Bosses" will appear on Slim Thug's upcoming project The World Is Yours, which arrives on Dec. 15. The 15-song collection features rap cameos from Z-Ro, Paul Wall, Rick Ross and 52 Savage.

The World Is Yours is my version of Already Platinum 2," Slim Thug tells "There is no Neptune production, but if you listen you can hear a few songs have that type of vibe to them; especially the ones produced by Cam Wallace (like “Trap”) who produced five records on the project. I wanted to give the fans who have been craving for more music from me a new project; and I know they will love it!"

The World Is Yours Track List:

1. "TWIY" (Produced by Mr. Lee)
2. "Trap" Feat. Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
3. "RIP Parking Lot" Feat. Paul Wall (Produced By Donnie Houston)
4. "No Love" Feat. Z-Ro (Produced By Mr. Lee)
5. "Ringing" Feat. Cam Wallace & Sauce Walker (Produced By Cam Wallace)
6. "Kingz & Bosses" Feat. Big K.R.I.T.(Produced By Wolfe)
7. "Boss Talk" Feat. Rick Ross & Jack Freeman (Produced By G&B)
8. "Outstanding" Feat. Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
9. "Wide Frame" Feat. Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
10. "Mercedes" Feat. Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
11. "Cali" Feat. Coolbrothajones (Produced By ENG)
12. "Run For It" Feat. 52 Savage (Produced By Mr. Lee)
13. "Still" Feat. Cityyy (Produced By Mr. Lee)
14. "Next Level" Feat. Jack Freeman (Produced By Donnie Houston)
15. "What’s Next" (Produced By Mr. Lee)

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