It looks like Oxygen is (subliminally) trying to take things to a new level this season as they continue addressing decade-old issues in hip-hop that never cease to exist. And Tuesday night's episode (June 23) of Sisterhood of Hip Hop was no exception.

Now that Siya has a little bit of money, she doesn't know what to do with all these stacks. Let's take that back, she knows exactly what she's doing with her bread because she's "about this life right now."

Siya stays picking up the tab for her newly formed entourage, but she doesn't seem to realize that, at the end of the day, those checks add up. To celebrate the fact that T-Pain, French Montana and others are taking note of her word game, Siya gets the squad together for a night out - on her. As her team heads to Recess restaurant, Siya makes a toast.

"[Here's to] friendship, loyalty, money, success, happiness, and everything else. I love my husbands. All 10 of ya'll. What's the point of making all this moola if you can't share it with people?" she says.

Well, that's probably the same thing MC Hammer said, and we all know how things ended for him.

Unfortunately, Siya's current mindset is simple: "I got money to blow, so f--- it." The California-born, New York-bred rapper has quickly fallen victim to the problem most artists, celebrities and athletes find themselves in. They get a taste of "the celebrity life" and don't know how to financially handle it.

Thankfully, Siya's manager, Lulu, steps in and puts things in monetary perspective for her. "I don't want you just be a performer; I want Siya to be a brand," she states. In other words, stop spending money on a team of leeches!

As Siya's team is working to help her understand the importance of saving money and not throwing it away on random people, Bia is trying to "invent" herself. It's clear she's ready to rock with her first single, but before she can do so she needs to run things by her famed mentor, Pharrell Williams.

But when Skateboard P is your mentor, you better be presenting something worth his time. To make sure she's presenting the best single option to the hitmaker, Bia calls Pusha T to come through the studio and give his input on her tracks. Bia's song choice: "Chain Swing."

After Bia gets some words of advice and encouragement from Pusha, Bia reaches out to Nyemiah for some final validation on her record.

Side Note: While Bia and Nyemiah are talking about "Chain Swing," Nyemiah is driving and playing with her phone. Should Oxygen be promoting "texting and driving"?

Back to Bia. She takes to the track to Pharrell, and he gives his mentee a quick, "No. that's not what I would put out." He explains further, "We don't pick records based on what's gonna do this and what's gonna do that. We pick records based on what they're communicating on your behalf."

"It's a great song, but I don't know if it's that season right can't just put something out because it's 'big,'" he continues. "You have to put something out because it feels big to us."

So Bia is back to the drawing board, much to her chagrin.

But Siya and Bia aren't the only ones dealing with setbacks this episode. Diamond is looking to follow in Nyemiah's footsteps and move to Los Angeles to progress her career. Her label, RCA, is pushing for her to release another EP, but she wants to go beyond a six-track mini-album. So, without needing any back and forth about making to decision to move across country, Diamond is curbside to the Pacific ocean before the credits roll.

Now that she's in L.A., the Atlanta rhymer wants to tighten up her "show" and present to the world with the new Diamond.

Looks like all the girls are officially committed to West Coast living, but the question is will it last?

Check back next week!

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