Nothing's fair in love and hip hop, so it's no surprise the rap ladies of Los Angeles are more than willing to come together when things get a little tough. From breakups to bar fights, the cast of Sisterhood of Hip Hop has plenty to bond over each week.

Last week, things ended with an officer walking Brianna Perry out of a bar in handcuffs. Last night (July 14), things picked up right where they left off. To drive the point home that Brianna got arrested, the scene was replayed before kicking off episode six with the girls' reaction to the moment.

Ms. Perry was in a state of reflection while Kiki comments on violence never being the answer. Channeling the '90s version of Brandy, Bri and her momager are sitting up in her room discussing Kiki throwing the ultimate shade by telling Chloe, "I don't want to shake your hand." No one involved expected the incident to escalate into some "boom boom pow," but at the end of the day, that's just where things went. But unlike the cast, the other women and hip-hop drama, Brianna and Kiki feel bad that Chloe got hurt.

After everything pops off, Brianna takes responsibility for her actions and meets with her publicist to clear things up. Darren Dickerson is beyond disappointed, but in the back of his mind he knew "she [was] just too good to be true." Fortunately, he's been in the business long enough to know a thing or two goes down from time to time, so he lets Brianna know, "You get one. This is the first and the last." But he lets her know the fight was not acceptable. Did anyone else feel like they were getting scolded by their father?

Brianna has a chat with Siya and Diamond, and comes to Jesus and realizes she needs to put her big ol' granny panties on and meet up with Chloe to squash the drama. By the end of their five-minute sit-down, things were "good." There goes that storyline.

While Bri is dealing with the woes of becoming  an adult woman, Nyemiah Supreme is working on her new record, "Love Songs," which is a slight ode to her relationship with beau Mack Wilds. Unfortunately, shortly after she cuts her new track, Mack hits her on FaceTime while she's chilling poolside with Bia and Siya. Nyemiah is excited to find out when her man is coming to visit, but it doesn't look like he shares the same sentiment.

Mack tells his girl he's not going to be able to come visit, and like any woman, her natural response is, "If you're out there and I"m out here, how are we supposed to be able to get up and spend time together..." The short answer is, you don't. And by the end of the conversation, Mack officially breaks things off with Nyemiah because the relationship isn't working out.

Nyemiah's constantly reminding her fanbase that she's struggled with opening up in life and in her music for years, but she's recently learned to embrace and share her emotions. Who knows what fans will get now because Mack just reminded her why she never did before. "This is what happens when you let other people into your life... but maybe I'll use it as material for my next song," she states.

But between girl fights and relationship drama, Diamond is still struggling to find a way to be the boss of it all, especially when she's having some trouble prioritizing the thing that makes her relevant in the first place. Thus, like any good show, Oxygen brings her friend T.I. on the show to give Diamond some sound advice. Between the band, the music and the endorsements, Diamond's starting to feel the pressure, but looks like Tip has a "S" on his chest because he swoops in and saves the day.

"[All] these things are important, just not as important as the music. You're in the music business, so essentially it all starts with the music," T.I. tells Diamond. "Nobody does it all alone. You're gonna need the support of your've got to compromise."

If anyone in hip-hop has learned anything, it's when T.I. speaks, you listen. So Diamond decides to end her battle with the label and finally makes her way back to the studio to finish her EP. Oh, and she and her band Girl Code rocked their first Cali show. You go, girl.

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