Last night's episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop found one cast member behind bars. Drama, handcuffs and tears are what's in store for you in this recap.

Brianna Perry is on a natural high after recording "Ugly Girls." In her eyes, and the eyes of her momager, the track is a "smash." To roll out the video right and get a proper response, Brianna is looking to E Class for the cash to dos. Unfortunately, he just isn't feeling the single the same way, and let's Brianna and her mom know, "That s--- is just not happening." He wants to see how the people respond to the song and then talk about doing a video. So until Ms. Perry can produce something he would put his life and half of his own money on, E Class wants no parts of the project: "If it's about money, don't call me about it."

From major to indie, Brianna Perry clearly has no financial support. So she switches things up again. Bri needs money, but she can't get any without a gig. And the way things are looking, she can't get a gig without any money. To fix the problem, the mother-daughter team reach out to Cali-based publicist Darren Dickerson to use him as her personal publicist. This way she can get exposure and generate revenue to make her own music videos. Looks like Brianna is on her bawse tip -- until she meets Chloe Riley.

Oxygen decided to introduce a new female rapper to the Sisterhood crew. Chloe Riley is a West Coast-based rhymer whose specialties in hip-hop include her "twerk" abilities outside of her raps. Nyemiah, Siya and Bia all seem to love her, but when Brianna meets her, Chloe comes across in a "special" way.

She tries to play Brianna for being signed to Atlantic Records and Poe Boy Entertainment, pretending like she's never heard of Poe Boy. Anyone in hip-hop knows that just can't be true. After getting together for another girls' night, it's only a matter of time before another infamous fight pops off. This time, it goes down between Brianna and Chloe. With more than just words being exchanged, Brianna finds herself defending her mom against Chloe Riley's unfiltered mouth. And what happens next? Brianna gets arrested.

But before things end on a bad note, Siya opens ups to her friends about her relationship with her mother and her past. Siya's mom was addicted to drugs. According to the rapper, she was dragged away from her mother at 7 years old by her father, who's now spending his time behind bars. Now that she's about to turn 20, Siya's working on the thought of rebuilding the relationship with her mom. She wants to start by inviting her mother to her 20th birthday shindig. For Siya, this is a big deal. She hasn't spent a birthday with her mom in more than decade.

To figure things out, Siya goes on a walk with Bia for a "cleansing" girls' day, and turns to her for advice because she's been through a similar past with her mother. After their talk, the moral of the story is you only have one mother.

Come b-day time, the New York-bred rhymer is greeted by her mom, Shirley, and her sister, Sabrina. Inevitably, they all start hugging and immediately fall into tears.
They have a heart to heart about why Siya is so mad at her mom. Siya can't hold back the tears as she reminisces about how things were growing up until her father took her away -- right before he got locked up.

To lighten the mood before the credits roll, Siya shows up to her birthday party and her mother gets flustered knowing she gets to meet Tank. Lips, chest and all!

Untiil next time!

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