After only a couple of months, Brooklyn rapper Siya is back with another project,

Siya's new EP Commitment dropped on Valentine's Day, and the six track project is for the ladies. Now that the public has had a chance to listen to the collection of songs, The BoomBox sat down with the R&B Money artist to talk about what inspired the music, the process of creating a different sound and more.

"Honestly, [this EP] is for all the Queens out there. Just to show that, you know, this is music to make them feel uplifted and appreciated," the Sisterhood of Hip Hop star says of the EP's inspiration.

Although this is a more sensitive side of Siya compared to her last project Siya Vs Siya, she contends the creation process was basically the same. In fact, this project was a little easier for her to create than rapping about her upbringing and what she's been through.

"At the end of the day I'm still a woman and I think a lot of people tend to forget that," she says.. "No matter how street I am or where I come from, or how masculine I may look to people, I'm still a woman. I have emotions like a woman, and I think like a woman. I may not all the way act like a woman, cause I do have masculine tendencies, but I know what my worth is and because of that I also know how to treat a woman. So I think just wiring records in general for women is just a little bit easier. Cause I can write a million records about me and all the s--t I been through in the streets, I can write those all day long. But it's just something about making music for women because ultimately I know what they want to hear, how they want to feel, how they want to be talked to, and treated."

It comes so natural to her that she actually didn't write down any of the lyrics on this project. It was all freestyle from her feelings when she heard the music and the inspiration of a special lady.

"The whole EP wasn't written, it's freestyle," she confirms. "I'm the type of artist that like, lately I been practicing this thing where I just sit in front of the mic and think of harmonies and melodies, and ideas. And once that happens the lyrics just start to flow out of me."

She says the free-flowing project caused her to tap into her emotions on a different level creatively.

"I just think the art itself of being able to just sit in front of a mic and just be one with it and not think about anything else but the inspiration you have for it, is [something special]," she says. "It's something that started happening for me, and slowly but surely I started to realize I don't touch my phone no more when it comes to writing things down. I literally just sit down and do everything right then and there. But most the lyrics are definitely inspired by a woman in my life so I guess you can say that's what it stemmed from."

When Siya first recorded the song "Automatic," she realized she wanted to do an entire love-themed project for Valentine's Day. The Olympicks agreed to produce the entire EP. The rapper/songwriter is proud of all six tracks but has two specific favorites that she knew fans would especially vibe with.

"Of course I was looking forward to my fans hearing every song. But my favorite's on it would probably be the 'Don't U (Say Yes)' record, and I'm also really in love with 'Front Door'," she admits. "When I started recording that record words were just coming out left and right."

Label owner and friend, Tank, is the only feature on the EP and Siya expressed her appreciation for the R&B icon in her personal life and as a business partner.

"Personally, he's like a father figure in my life," she said. "He's just an overall great person and pivotal person in my life. And sometimes I tend to forget that we actually do business together as far as me actually being signed to him."

Mostly, however, she says Tank gives her the creative space that she needs.

"Musically, he's never been the type of guy to sit in the studio and look over my shoulder the whole time to see if I'm making music that he likes," she says. "He allows me to make music I like, and that my fans love. But at the same time, I can do a record like "Don't You (Say Yes)," send it to him and be like 'you got to be on it' and he'll send it right back like 'done'."

Although Siya has already released two projects in the last few months, she confirms there's already new music in the works.

"I'm back in the studio already, about to record another album that will drop probably in June," she says. "This one is going to be all street s--t. I'm taking it back to the block on this next one. I love being in the studio, being in my element. So for my fans, just look forward to more Siya. More content, more visuals."

In the end, she says its important to remain true to yourself, a concept she readily applies to all of her music.

"Don't let nobody tell you you can't do something," she says. "Anything you put your mind to you can definitely do it. Love yourself. Love the skin you're in. And never be afraid to live your life open and honestly."

Stream Commitment below.


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