Collaborations. Cat Fights. Qualms. And Queen Latifah. That's all anyone needs to know about last night's episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop.

Things kicked off with Irv Gotti and Siya. The former Murder Inc. honcho talked to the rising artist about the importance of collaborations and pointed out that many females don't often do that these days. If she's looking to have her name in the streets -- in the most positive and musical way possible -- then she needs to get with her girls and make something to get people talking.

"There's no real unity with females rappers," Irv points out. "I just think it would be dope."

So to help make things happen and push the girls in a unifying direction, the Queens-bred entrepreneur pulls Siya, Bia, Brianna, Nyemiah and Diamond into the studio. He wants them rap over Queen Latifah's 1993 smash, "U.N.I.T.Y." For publishing reasons and a more modern sound, Irv gives details on what he wants them to do: to create something that embodies the original track's vibe while using the hook for help.

Before hitting the lab to record, Irv asks the girls why it's so competitive with women in hip-hop, and why they don't come together more often? The cast quickly jump dispel the stereotype by letting the world know they all ride for each other -- with the exception of Nyemiah and Diamond of course. Then, there's a surprise. Out comes Queen Latifah to add to the conversation.

"Me and Lyte, we talk about this stuff all the time," she tells the girls. "There doesn't have to be this big ass deficit..."

As Queen Latifah shares pieces of her story, the girls keep rubbing their eyes like they're crying, but if you look closely, no one actually had any tears coming from their eyes. So what were they wiping? Just something to think about. Fake emotions for the camera?

Queen Latifah continues, "If you can make it through five girls, five periods, five boyfriends/girlfriends, five make can make it through anything."

With a little inspiration from hip-hop royalty in the flesh, the girls meet up with Irv to record their song. The camera pans from girl to girl, reminding fans there's a reason these women are on the show. They all hold their own on the track, but Bia's line is what killed it. "The overall difference between the women and the bitches / You see the difference between the bitches and the sisters / A sister never scared to see another sister winning," she rhymes. That's just facts.

Unfortunately, the girl power moment felt during recording doesn't carry over to rehearsal. Irv books rehearsal time for them to practice because they're going to be performing the track live for Queen Latifah and a club filled with people. But when dealing with a group, there's always one that throws things off from time to time. In this case, Bia stepped right up to the plate.

The Boston-born raptress is getting a case of some serious homesickness. She misses her man, Magic. She misses her sister, Trini. Overall, she misses her family. Before hitting the studio to find out about her "Unity." collaboration, Bia meets with her manager, Fam, and lets him know she's not in a space where she can make happy music right now. In fact, according to her, she's just sad sometimes. To fix the rhythmic slump, she buys herself a puppy just in time for her sister's surprise visit. And at the end of the day that's exactly what she needs.

Feeling less alone, Bia and Fam go to the studio to record "All Around the World." The song, produced by her mentor and i Am Other label head, Pharrell, is a smash according to Bia. Her major label, RCA, is backing her up too. So, like any hit, all parties involved move to shoot the video. Unfortunately, the video shoot lands on the same day as the crew's first "Unity" rehearsal.

By time the credits roll, the rehearsal space is empty. So much for girl power.

Check out the season finale next week.

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