On this week's episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, things really start to heat up. It looks like the new season is tackling some serious music industry issues and Nyemiah Supreme, Brianna Perry and Siya face what many artists deal with during their career. Now it's on to the good stuff.

Things kick off with Nyemiah as she returns to New York after a successful performance in Los Angeles. On a high from her dope L.A. show, the rapper meets up with her manager, Alex, to talk business, but she's quickly in for a rude awakening. The blonde beauty spit to a packed house on the West Coast; thus, Alex is convinced New York has nothing left to offer her client.

"I think [the L.A. show] is a good indication that you've done all you can do in New York right now," Alex tells her client.

As a manager, people would think Alex is looking out for Nyemiah's best interests as she tries to convince her that the City of Angels is the only place she can advance her career right now. But before L.A., Nyemiah rocked a show at NYC's famed Webster Hall. The venue is dope, but that can't be the biggest thing Alex believes she can accomplish in her hometown. If so, that says something about either the management or the talent. In this case, let's hope it's the management.

Nyemiah speaks to a number of people about the decision to relocate herself and her career including DJ Funkmaster Flex, her mom and her beau, Mack Wilds. None of them think the move to L.A. is a good look. But ultimately, she has to do what she has to do, and by time the 60-minute storyline is up, Nyemiah finds herself with a new zip code and a new roommate, Siya.

While Nyemiah is packing her bags to move in with her colleague and confidant, Siya is dealing with her own issues. In this case, everything is about the question of loyalty. She's conflicted because her contract with R&B singer Tank is up and he hasn't been as involved or present as she would like. But while he doesn't seem to be giving her any attention, T-Pain and French Montana are seemingly giving her exactly what she wants and needs. So, like many artists, Siya has to decide if she wants to stay down with Tank or try to chase some goals with Pain and French.

After speaking with Tank -- off camera -- Siya decides to wait things out and see if he's going to show up like he says. Meanwhile, she hits the studio with her boy TeeFLii to cut a new record. She expects Tank to come through during the session. But when that doesn't happen, Siya gets him on the phone and says she's done.

Finally, there's Brianna Perry. Her label, Atlantic Records, currently isn't cutting her a check and her boy E. Class at Poe Boy Entertainment is giving her any money either. In fact, he tells Brianna she has to make him some money first before he'll spend anything. And he's not blunt about a thing.

"You know what your job is, to provide me a hit record so I can make money to help develop you and other things," he states. "I need somebody I can sell."

What he ultimately tells Bri is she's 23 and she's had time to play the good girl, but now it's time to "turn up." In other words, it's time to get nasty with it. This poses the ongoing question about women in hip-hop and their sexuality. Do they have to sell nothing but sex through their lyrics to make it in their career? Any sane and moral person would say, "No," but this is 2015 and apparently what you see is what you get. Refusing to give in to E. Class, Brianna and her momager decide to go to L.A. and get into a "grind mode lifestyle."

Bri is accustomed to the finer things in life, but moving forward, "the Louie is closed" until she and her mother find a return on investment on their own.

Talk about "50 shades of desperation." Stay tuned for next week's recap to see what happens with these hip-hop sisters.

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