Season one of Sisterhood of Hip Hop was pretty explosive. Siya left her manager Tank and was out here breaking every girl’s heart with no regard. Pimpin’ ain’t easy. Diamond was like a sick puppy dog that was in constant need of love and affection from Soulja Boy. Brianna Perry inked a deal with Atlantic Records and Bia was doing it big with Pharrell. The season was pretty solid and not too ratchet a la Love & Hip Hop. The drama was minimal and the focus was on the grind of these aspiring female rappers.

Now with the return of season two, we find Diamond in a rough patch in the first episode. For one, she's back home in the ATL soul searching after her manager was sent away to prison. During her homecoming, she links up with her old friend, Da Brat, in hopes of receiving some career advice. Da Brat drops some extensive knowledge and cajoles Diamond into doing her own thing by simply telling her to “Do what you can now. F--- waiting on somebody.” Toast to that.

Nyemiah Supreme and Siya link up in L.A. for their showcase during Grammy weekend. Apparently, Siya is still creeping in these streets and confirms that her player card is still intact. When asked about her old flame Renee, she simply brushes her off and says she officially chucked the deuces like Chris Brown. It’s good to see that Siya is still repping that savage life. When you’re riding around in a Rolls Royce in Cali -- courtesy of Tank -- who wouldn’t be feeling themselves?

Things aren’t looking too good for Tank though. During Siya’s show rehearsal, T-Pain stops by and offers her a deal with his new label, Illuminappy. Then, Tank drops the ball by failing to attend her show. Can you blame Siya -- who’s a free agent -- for exploring her options? T-Pain really puts the full court press on Siya and even attends her show. Tank, you’re in trouble, my man.

You gotta feel for Brianna Perry too. Throughout the episode, she presses Atlantic Records like Kanye West did Sway for not pushing her as an artist. Sadly, they don’t have the answers for her. Keep on pushing, Brianna.

Everyone seems to be in love in episode one. Diamond and Bia are both flexing and showcasing their new boyfriends. Diamond finds love at a gas station when she meets her new man Payro. Bia is smitten and brings her new beau, Magic, wherever she goest. She even introduces him to the crew.

All that mushy stuff stops when Diamond lands in California. Apparently, she is ready to “put them paws” on Nyemiah at Siya’s showcase. According to Diamond, Nyemiah violated her on Instagram by throwing shade her way. You just feel the animosity in the room when Diamond walks in to greet everyone and leaves a puzzled Nyemiah hanging. Nyemiah swears she and Diamond are cool. News flash Nyemiah, noone is your friend if they refer to your music as “bird s---.”

Episode one was pretty lukewarm, but after watching the season preview, things are definitely going to heat up. Someone gets arrested among the girls and Diamond finally addresses Nyemiah face to face. Can you say turn up? Stay tuned.

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