West Coast Black Hippy Schoolboy Q and Harlem representative A$AP Rocky are frequent collaborators both in and out of the studio. Besides sharing a penchant for rhyming the spoken word, the rappers also engage in drinking lean, a drug comprised of promethazine with codeine, Sprite and candy like Jolly Ranchers. Schoolboy Q recently revealed news that he's quit sipping on the drink and is trying to get A$AP to follow his lead.

"I just quit sippin' lean last week," the rapper tells Cipha Sounds and K. Foxx of Hot 97's Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show. "I've been going through withdrawals... It's like somebody's grabbing your stomach... and just holding it."

Schoolboy Q, who released his Habits & Contradictions project earlier this year, was prompted to quit after he drank some lean, passed out, then woke up breathing heavily due to his complications with asthma. "I don't know if it was a near-death experience but it felt like I was about to die," Schoolboy shared.

As far as having a talk with A$AP Rocky, who he's collaborated with on tracks like "Hands on the Wheel" and "Brand New Guy," Schoolboy has explained to the "Pe$o" creator that he's got to get off the drink. "I got on him like, 'Bro, you gotta quit it, bro,'" he disclosed.

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