Up-and-coming Cali rapper Jay Rock had some hard words for Ice Cube, after Cube recently called out the "new west" on his blog (lol). "Watts up wit Ice Cube talkin krazy about new west n---as. If he got a prob wit 1 of us he shud say r name n stop bn scared 2 call a n---a out," Jay Rock tweeted. "To me he talkin bout all of us if he didn't say a name. That's how the west got f---ed up in the first place. Yall know aint no n---a stamped me. I dont need no n---a. All I need is a mic my hood my fans and this big a$$ gun," he continued. We're fans. We're also fans of all threats, typed out like an IM conversation between 15-year old girls, sent via Twitter. [JayRock]

In a well-publicized move, Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter account, and now she's warning kids about the negative effects of spending time on the net. "I just think it's kind of lame...I'm telling kids, don't go on the Internet, it's dangerous, it's not fun, it wastes your life," she said. "And you should be outside playing sports or something." Thanks dad. Also, she's kinda right. [MTV]

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