Jamaican superthug Vivian Blake released a youtube video requesting that the CEO of Sony Pictures hire Irv Gotti to direct his biopic. "Mr. Michael Lynton, I am glad to have this opportunity to speak to you via videotape. We want to talk to you about The Shower Posse movie," Blake said, apparently on videotape. "Irv Gotti is a young man where I think he'll bring the best out in this movie, show the rawness of this movie...I have the utmost confidence in Irv Gotti, I know he can get the job done." Besides releasing viral videos on videotape, Blake's Shower Posse is said to be responsible for 1,400 murders. Irv Gotti's former label was called Murder Inc. One of them is an infamous gangster who controlled drug markets in over 20 cities, the other was busted for possession of ecstasy and viagra backstage at an R.Kelly show. You make the call. [Allhiphop]

Snoop just released his own brand of headphones. "The Snoop Dogg Skullcrusher is the hottest headphone comin' to a hood near you." We're not sure why that's funny. [Hiphopwired]

Asher Roth is going to the VMA's. "It's going to be 100 percent fun," he said. "I'm probably going to show up in some basketball shorts!" Yay! Shorts! College! [MTV]