Saigon's studio album debut, 'The Greatest Story Never Told,' is slated for release in early 2011, but not before some minor, last minute adjustments. UGK half Bun B and the Roots' Black Thought have been added to the album.

Earlier this month, a tracklist leaked online, boasting 16 selections and guest verses from Jay-Z, Q-Tip, Swizz Beatz, Devin the Dude, Layzie Bone, Raheem DeVaughn and more. But, according to the 'Yard Father,' an updated tracklist is in the works.

"Like, Bun B's on it, Black Thought's on it, [Jay-Z's] still on it but we had to go through our rounds and see what's up. We're really on some last minute grind s---. ..." Saigon told SOHH. "I look at the tracklisting now though and this is the best album ever. We got 18 records on it. It's the best s--- ever." Saigon recently outed Jigga man for jacking some of the beats Just Blaze, a producer on the debut, made for him.

"Jay would come around, pop up every now and again and me and Just [Blaze] were in there working hard," he said. "Just would give me a gang of beats at a time and every now and again, one would come up missing. One I'd write to or really loved then the next thing you know, there'd be a big meeting and they'd say, 'Sai, we need to talk to you. You know that beat we had? The one you were loving? Yeah, big homie's got that now.' And you know big homie's Jay-Z. He did that to me about three or four times. 'Kingdom Come' was mine."

Originally slated to drop in 2005, Saigon's 'The Greatest Story Never Told' is now due Feb. 15. Saigon visited The BoomBox offices not too long ago and discussed his forthcoming album. Watch the interview below.

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