Run the Jewels just dropped off new energized track to hold you over while you await their anticipated upcoming album RTJ3.

The single from the upcoming project, "Talk To Me" arrives via Adult Swim's Singles 2016 series, which usually comes out on Wednesdays. However, as El-P points out on Twitter, today is the two year anniversary of RTJ2, and what better way to celebrate than with new music? In true RTJ fashion, the song, which clocks in at just under three minutes, is hard-hitting, amplified by Killer Mike's fluid delivery and El-P's frenetic production.

Of course, Mike is as politically inclined as ever on the charged track.

"We return from the depths of the badland/With a gun and a knife in our waistband/Went to war with the devil and shaytan/He wore a bad toupee and a spray tan," he spits in obvious reference to Donald Trump.

El-P and Mike shared that their album is completely finished and that they're just putting on the "finishing touches" to their long awaited third project at a recent appearance  at Project Pabst Atlanta.

In the meantime, get your RTJ fix below. You can download the single for free over at Adult Swim.


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