Run The Jewel's El-P had previously teased that their much-anticipated self-titled third project is all but finished, but on Saturday evening, in front of an energetic hometown crowd, RTJ debuted a song from their upcoming project.

Headlining the Project Pabst Atlanta on Saturday (Oct. 1), Run the Jewels ran through some of their most celebrated hits, from "Lie, Cheat, Steal, Kill, Win" to "Nobody Speak." But one of the highlights was undoubtedly when El-P and Killer Mike (who earlier teased that he was going to make a run for mayor to the excitement of the crowd) came back on stage for an encore, and performed the scathing "Angel Duster" and a new song from Run The Jewels 3. The song was everything fans look for in a RTJ record—aggressive and hard-hitting but intelligent. Though El said that as of yet, the song is untitled, he once again reiterated that they're just putting the finishing touches on the project, so something should be on the way very soon.

Mike Jordan

Of course, whenever RTJ performs live, it's an event. Animated and always able to connect with any crowd, El and Mike once again demonstrated why they have a steadily expanding, rabid fan base.

In addition to RTJ, Santigold and The Internet showed up to rock the stage, the latter of which kept fans entertained with hits from their most recent release, which was easily one of the best albums of 2015, Ego Death. Syd and company ran through hits including, the grinding bounce track, "Special Affair," the mid-tempo groove, "Girl" and "Under Control."

Mike Jordan

As for RTJ, they said they were especially excited to perform for the hometown, with Mike telling the crowd his dad was watching him perform with RTJ for the first time before urging everyone to vote in local elections, even though he's completely over both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. No official word on when Run The Jewels is dropping but by all indications, it'll be sooner, rather than later. Maybe just in time for the election?


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