The much anticipated project, Run The Jewels 3 from El-P and Killer Mike is probably on the way really soon—at least we hope.

The group has been giving sporadic updates on the much-anticipated project over the past few month but today (Sept. 27), El-P wrote on Twitter that the vocals for the album are officially complete.

"Every word for #RTJ3 has now officially been recorded," the rapper/producer wrote. "The album is almost finished."

There's a good chance that given the assumed content of the project, it'll be released prior to when the country goes to vote in its next president in November. Mike has become a political leader of sorts, even beyond hip-hop, and the content of his fiery interviews will most likely appear on the album.

Most recently, made a notable appearance on T.I.'s politically-charged, relevant, Us or Else EP on the song, "40 Acres." On it, Mike delivers a scathing verse, and if RT3 has anything even remotely to close to it, it will indeed be, as Mike previously said, "darker, meaner and angrier" than their previous releases.

Check out El-P's announcement below.


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