The late Nate Dogg closes Dr. Dre's epic '2001' banger 'The Next Episode' with a ".... smoke weed everyday!" While this might not exactly be legal, April 20 or 4/20 has loosely become America's unofficial pot-smoking holiday. Based on the tall tale that 420 is police code for marijuana use, the time and date have been transformed over the years into an unofficial burn time. For all our readers with the munchies right now, the BoomBox took to Twitter to find out which of your favorite rappers celebrate Blaze Day.

Revealing that they are working on new music together, M.I.A. and Swizz Beatz posted a photo of them lighting up in the lab. "HAPPY 4/20 FROM US>>>>>"

Blaze Day couldn't fall at a more appropriate time for Busta Rhymes. "I just finished 3 yrs. of probation, Just in time 4 4/20..." the 'Woo-Ha' rapper excitedly told his followers. "That amazin' O.g. Kush here we come!!!Blaze Time!!"

"Happy 420 to d whole world from snoop dogg aka bob marley reincarnated pupils dilated!!" America's favorite toking rapper Snoop Dogg tweeted this morning. "Hahaha smoke a zip n dip to a new trip #snoop420."

The sentiment was also channeled by Snoop's recent collaborator and smoking partner Wiz Khalifa. "waken...baken...happy bud day pot heads...smoke em big today. all day," the Pittsburgh native wrote.

Currently in Canada on his Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang tour, Raekwon revealed he was at the right place at the right time. "Peace world, hope all is well but it 4/20 and im in vancouver and i heard they got that good bud out here!" he tweeted.

Ghostface Killah gave a shout out to his own strain of the sticky icky. "Who said they were smoking that Ghostface Killah today?" he tweeted. "Light one for your boy Tone! Nah mean. Happy 4/20!"

," Soulja Boy tweeted, "now give me some ." The 'Crank That' rapper also attached this picture of himself realizing that today was in fact 420.

Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator revealed he doesn't particularly take to the ganja, even though most of his friends do, and explained he would celebrate Blaze Day by listening to fellow Odd Future member Domo's debut. "I Might Just Listen To Domos 'Rolling Papers' Album All Day," Tyler wrote before setting a good example and not caving into the peer pressure of getting lost in hazy clouds of cannabis smoke. "Desperately Trying To Find Someone Who Doesn't Smoke To Kick It With," he added.

Lupe Fiasco is also steering clear of the wacky tobacky, tweeting that he was instead "High off LIFE..."

Even Rihanna sent out well wishes tweeting a "Happy 420."

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