Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa’s The High Road concert came to a screeching halt after a railing collapsed and sent over 40 people tumbling to the concrete during their performance in Camden, N.J., on Friday (Aug. 5).

According to NBC10 Philadelphia, the collapse happened around 10:30PM and the exact number of people who were rushed to the hospital varies depending on who you are talking to. There were reports of up to 42 people being taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but city officials said that number hasn't been confirmed.

But the Camden County Police Department says that 15 people were treated at a nearby hospital for broken bones and bumps and bruises. One person, who was not identified, was critically injured and taken to Cooper Trauma Center.

The railing separates the lawn from the main stage, which is several feet above a concrete walkway. Several fan videos show Snoop and Wiz yelling for the crowd to “Stand Up!” and then suddenly the railing gives way and people start falling down like dominoes. The two rappers were quickly escorted off the stage and the concert was over.

NBC10 tried to get in contact with a rep from Live Nation, who produced the concert, but their calls were not returned.

Watch another angle of the railing collapse below.

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