As the debut solo album from one-half of the best rap duos of the last decade, it goes without saying that Pusha T's 'My Name Is My Name' is more than just another album on the calendar. As part of their new testimonial series for Noisey, Orson Whales and Kris Ex dig deeper into the backstory of the Clipse MC's LP (due out Oct. 8).

The first episode, 'A Name I Call Myself,' focuses on the simple yet strong title, which borrows a line from the hit series 'The Wire.' Orson and Kris sit down with stars of the show Tristan "Mack" Wilds and Anwan "Slim" Glover, as well as Tony Lewis Jr., award-winning community activist and son of drug kingpin Tony Lewis Sr., to get their thoughts about the connotations of the album's title.

Of course, they also pick the brain of Pyrex P himself, who offers some straightforward words about his upcoming project, which should definitely please long-time fans: "'My Name Is My Name' is just telling you, by now, you should know Pusha T. You're not getting anything else from me."

Judging by 'Nosetalgia,' 'Numbers on the Boards' and 'Who I Am,' Terrence ain't lying.