For the third portion of his 'My Name Is My Name' documentary, Pusha T discusses his love for the Chicago rap scene, being inspired by Rick Ross' lyricism, and much more.

Like the previous videos we've seen, this clip features Pusha speaking with Noah Callahan-Bever of Complex Magazine during a trip to Kingston, Jamaica to film the 'Blocka' video. Also, the interview allows the rapper to shed some light on various aspects of his career and life.

This time around, he dives headfirst into whether or not authenticity truly matters in rap, which, for Pusha, really depends. He acknowledges that sounding authentic played a huge role in the success of his records as part of the Clipse while adding that not every hip-hop act needs to have that.

Pusha then big-ups the Chicago rap scene, which he says is one of his favorite sounds right now. He also makes the following statement regarding criticism of the Windy City style and its purported lack of lyricism:

"I gotta respect these movements for what they do. If I want lyrics, I'll listen to Kendrick ... but if we're gonna get off of rap, then I'm just gonna go to the thing that feels most authentic to me and that Chicago movement feels authentic."

You can watch the interview above. 'My Name Is My Name' drops Oct. 8.

[via MassAppeal]