Power is upping the suspense as all of the spiraling double-crosses of season 3 seem to be heading toward a catastrophe of epic proportions. Like a barreling locomotive, the entanglements of Ghost, Angela, Tasha and Tommy have been gaining steam and after last night's train ride of an episode, there's a cloud of impending doom looming over virtually every character.

Milan is working to tear Ghost and Tommy apart, Greg is doing everything he can to prove Angela is the Lobos leak inside the feds, Angela continues to surprise Tasha with unannounced interrogations--all while Kanan is attempting to execute his personal vendetta against Ghost. It's a lot. So we hope you were paying attention. But just in case you weren't, here's quick glimpse at what you missed.

After nearly killing Dre's daughter, Kanan resurfaces, and takes a vested interest in Tariq after Dre stupidly introduces the boy to his dad's most hated enemy. Kanan passes himself to Tariq as an old friend of the family in an effort to get close to him. Kanan decides to show up at Tariq's middle school before Dre to offer him a ride; which turns into tour down his father's memory lane. Kanan takes Tariq to he and Ghost's old stomping ground including the house the used to run drugs from. While Riq is watching TV, listening to old stories about his father, Kanan puts on a pair of black gloves and pulls out a gun. Ready to pull the trigger - a point blank shot right through the back of Tariq's head - Kanan pauses when a still-oblivious Tariq says "I hate my dad." Kanan, seeing an opportunity, decides against murdering Ghost's son and ensures Tariq that he's someone the boy can trust.

Meanwhile, Greg continues his ploy to prove Angela is the federal leak regarding Felipe Lobos' murder. And Angela is still looking for ways to prove she's not--while she simultaneously looks for ways to prove James knows who pulled the trigger. Knowing Tasha and James have to different accounts of what happened the night Lobos was killed - you know, the same night Ghost and T stayed at one of Karen's lavish hotels - she tells Jamie to get his story straight. But as much as Angela hates James for leaving her, she's still trying to cover up his ties to Lobos. (But is she doing it solely to find a way to keep her name out of the mayhem and her body out of jail, or does she still want to make sure James is safe at the end of the day?)

Angie pays Greg a personal visit to convince him she's not the mole; she shows him footage of Ghost and Tasha arriving at Karen's premiere hotel together; offers an alibi for Jamie and his car that never left valet; and saying that she feels used and manipulated by the man that was able to steal her away from Greg. The teary-eyed "confession" that she'd been manipulated leads to (yet another) sex scene; as Angela and Greg wind up in bed. Unfortunately, Greg is still a snake, and the moment Angela goes to the bathroom - to make a call - he sends a text to Medina saying, "I think Angela's working with St. Patrick. I think we can get them both."

Go ahead, feel free to insert a new plot here.

As the usual suspects are working to keep themselves out of trouble, Milan is working Tommy, trying to find ways to pull him and Ghost apart. Milan - who we all used to know as Dean - asks Tommy to hold a private meeting at Truth with all New York gang leaders and dealers involved under his management. An already suspecting Ghost raises eyebrows when Tommy shares their new distribution plan while introducing new product to push: pills. Milan then tries to get inside Tommy's head by telling him he can be his own boss; that he can be the next Milan one day - and a lonely and befuddled Tommy plays right into his plan.

Ghost finds Tommy rendezvousing with Milan at Milan's headquarter's - a place Tommy previously claimed to know nothing about. So now, we have to "best friends" who don't trust each other and don't have each other's back without some form of vested interest.

Tasha and Keisha's relationship is also frayed; after an unexpected appearance at Keisha's salon leads to Tasha attempting to buy her friend off after admitting that the salon has now become a front for Milan's illicit activities. Keisha tearfully rejects Tasha, who was probably too emotional after their last conversation to notice Tommy lurking outside. Milan had indicated that Keisha was going to be a problem seeing as how she likely already knew too much; and now Tommy has to pay Keisha a clandestine visit. It looks bad. It looks very, very bad.

Episode 9, bring it on!


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