Power ended last week with Ghost and Tommy committing murder after James St. Patrick shot Lobos twice in the chest and Jamie throwing Angela the deuces (in an attempt to save her life); leaving a teary Angie falling to her feet. This week, things took a few unexpected turns; as Tasha alibied Ghost during an unforeseen, pseudo-interrogation by Angela; and the FBI looked for their "Lobos leak"--while Tommy was taken and nearly beaten to death.

While James was mourning his now-defunct relationship with Angie, the United States attorney was dragged out of her apartment and taken into her federal headquarters for questioning. Angela realized what was going on after she arrived at her office and saw the rest of her Task Force waiting in silence. Because Angie's sleeping with persona non grata, she automatically thinks the Task Force assumes she's the leak, but she doesn't know Mike Sandoval - who's been spying for Lobos this entire time - is even dirtier than her.

We don't learn who's actually at fault for Lobos' escape, but we did learn Tasha is still very much a ride-or-die chick.

As for that aforementioned "interrogation," Angie once again drops in on Tasha's home unannounced, and Mrs. St. Patrick puts her husband's now-former lover in her place. Angie asks about Ghost's whereabouts the night Lobos was killed; but Tasha gives Ghost an alibi. Tasha also makes sure to get a shot in; letting Angie know that her relationship with Ghost was just the result of Ghost's "mid-life crisis." Damn, Tasha!

Milan (aka "Dean," Ghost's former head of security who was revealed to be part of the Serbian drug cartel) happens to pay a visit to the St. Patrick family home the night Ghost just happens to be there. Angry that Ghost made dinner plans without telling her, Tasha nonetheless politely welcomes Milan and a missing Tatiana into their home. Milan reminds Ghost that he has too many attachments, which makes him so easy to control.

Ghost reaches out to Tommy for help to outsmart the Serbians, but Tommy doesn't want anything to do with Ghost. Having made a name for himself on his own, Tommy reminds Ghost that he isn't Tommy's boss anymore. Realizing Tommy will prove how "useless" he is, Milan orders his men to kidnap and kill him. But Tommy only becomes an easy target after the Serbian drug cartel finds out Holly's dead; and after Tommy hits a low point because Tasha unknowingly reveals to him that Holly was pregnant.

Thankfully, Tommy survives Milan's attack, but what does that means for him and Ghost. Will they get back together? Will they stay apart? Will they ever work out their 20-year-old issues? There are just so many questions left to be answered.

Meanwhile, Tariq is getting more rebellious. Not only is he disrespecting Tasha (talking back, raising his hand to her), but he refers to Angela as James' "side bitch" during a conversation with his dad--to which he gets a swift response from poppa Ghost: "What the f--- did you just say to me you little mothaf---er?"

Oh, and Kanan is back, and he's intent on using Dre as a spy to find out what's eating Ghost. And he sweet-talks an old lady into letting him inside her apartment, only to smother her with a "Jesus Saves" pillow as part of some plan to set up Ghost and remind him of their past. This guy is definitely a psychopath.

Episode 8 coming soon!

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