Power took Sunday night television to new heights last night as Tommy, Ghost, Tasha and Angela experienced things no person should ever want to feel--twice. Considering the number of WTF moments, we're just going to jump right in and pick up where last week's episode left off. If you remember, the credits started to roll shortly after Tommy and Ghost reunited in the name of Holly's unholy burial and just before New York's favorite duo decided to kill Lobos - together. Episode 6 picked up with Ghost finding Tommy sleeping in his car, avoiding facing the place he once called home with his live-in-liar girlfriend.

In an effort to keep Tommy's mind off the fact that he killed his girlfriend, Ghost pushes Tommy to help plot Lobos' death. Then Tommy surprises Ghost by adding Tasha to the mix. Ghost is confused as to why his soon-to-be ex-wife is getting involved with anything to do with his business; Tommy reminds him that neither one of them had a better plan before her - and Tasha tends to make things better. Without any help from Angie - aside from her love and weakness for Jamie - Tasha helps Ghost and Tommy go after their nemesis. The two successfully kidnap and execute Felipe Lobos, leaving his body to be eaten by vultures in the middle of the woods.

Unfortunately, this murder of a federal prisoner doesn't look good for Angie (at least not in Greg's eyes, who, by the way, deceived everyone, including his own team, when he played dead after Tommy shot him in the chest twice at near point blank range). But Angela doesn't seem to let the potential threat to her career phase her as she's completely intoxicated under James St. Patrick's love spell, which Tasha helps to build.

As part of Ghost and Tommy's plan to kidnap and kill Lobos while he's being transferred between federal facilities, Tasha serves as James' alibi by staying at one of Karen Bassett's hotels to help her "husband" get a feel for her brand. But the alibi doesn't just include being present at the hotel, it also includes being present for Angie on text so she doesn't get suspicious of Ghost making a kingpin comeback during Lobos' move. While texting her, and grabbing a pair of Ghost's shoes, Tasha stumbles across the separation papers Ghost had drawn up by his lawyer. Even though she knew her husband was moving on, seeing the papers confirms the worst. Fans would have expected Tasha to confront Ghost about the separation agreement, which she did, but she also signed them before he even had the chance to ask.

After receiving a signed set of on-our-way-to-being-officially-divorced papers, Ghost finally feels free and ready to move on with this life.

When he's back at the club, Ghost fires his security team — the guys who saved him from the Jamaicans last episode. Dean, the head of security, reveals that he knows they're being fired because “You finally killed Lobos.” Ghost is stunned to learn that Dean knows who he really is--and there's more:  Dean has his own secret identity, he's the psychotic Serbian known as Milan and he’s also the one who left the La Araña card on Ghost’s desk. Milan has had total access to Ghost's family and associates and he leverages that to force Ghost back in the business--but this time working for him.


After explaining the situation to Tommy, Ghost's estranged partner reminds him that Angela could be his biggest liability. Angry at Ghost for "getting rid of Holly" (and technically being the reason he killed Holly), Tommy convinces his best friend to leave Angela when they learn they'll now be forcefully working for Milan. Ghost and Tommy intercepted a Serbian drug shipment a while back, and the leader wants the missing merchandise paid off in full. So although Lobos is dead, Ghost and Tommy have a new drug master.

Ghost can't tell Angie about the Serbs and he can't protect her if he stays with her because the entire world knows she's his weakness. So, he does the most painful thing he can do, and tells Angela they can't be together anymore because it's the "right thing to do" for the sake of his children. At this point, you really can't help but feel bad for Jamie. For the past two years, he's fought to live the life of a legit businessman with the woman he loves - no, not his wife - and all of that is taken away in a 24-hour period. Poor, Ghost. But at the end of the day, Tommy is happy, and that's all that matters, right?

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