Houston rapper Paul Wall has announced plans to embark on a trip to Southeast Asia as a member of a USO/Armed Forces entertainment tour. The tour marks the third USO mission for Wall, who previously performed for military personnel stationed in Iraq and Kuwait in 2007. Wall will perform in Asia with DJ Smallz, best known for his 'Southern Smoke' mixtape series.

"This was actually something that Smallz has been wanting to do," Paul said in a recent interview. "We've been going back and forth, trying to find the right time to go. But you know, we'll get last minute shows and things like that. We finally decided to just pick a date."

Wall has been a vocal supporter of the U.S. military for some time. His grandfather was a Lieutenant Colonel, and many of his friends joined the armed forces at an early age, a fact which Wall speaks about proudly, if with some regret. "I have a lot of friends who were in the military, I lost a couple friends in Iraq," he explained. "And then I heard a statistic that 80% of the military in the Middle East is either from Texas or stationed in Texas. So, going over there, it was just an amazing feeling...[To see] 5,000 troops with their assault riffles on their backs, they got their bulletproof vests on and everything, and their just going crazy, holding up Texas flags."

The Texas MC also expressed his excitement about performing for an army crowd, saying "There is no audience like the military...and that is why I always look forward to touring with the USO. Every experience is unique and never leaves you."

Paul Wall's latest album 'Fast Life' was released in May. His clothing line Expensive Taste, a collaboration with punk rockers Travis Barker and Skinhead Rob is expected to launch its next collection at Magic in Las Vegas on August 31.

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