Yelawolf is a rebel without a pause. The Alabama rhymer is back with a fiery new video for his latest single, “Punk.” The song is not about being a hoodlum, it’s about an attitude of not giving a f---.

In his video, Yela, Juicy J and Travis Barker (on the drums), present a “gives no f---” attitude about life. Both Yela and Juicy encourages their fans to disregard the haters and not let anyone stop them from achieving their goals.

When it comes to the haters, Juicy J raps, “I got the world in my palm watch me shake it up / I’m talking real, I didn’t make it up / I know you probably think I care, but I don’t give a f--- / But I ain’t giving up / I rather live up / Everybody sounding the same, you need to switch it up / They still serving in my lane, y’all need to give it up / But I don’t give a f---.”

The video ends with the Yela, Juicy J and Travis Barker rocking it out onstage surrounded by gigantic balls of fire.

"Punk" is the latest single from Yelawolf’s upcoming third album Trial By Fire, which will be released via Slumerican/Shady Records/Interscope Records.

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