Baby Bash and Paul Wall found themselves in handcuffs when police raided their “smoke out” party in Houston on Friday (Dec. 23). But Bash, who has been released from jail, says the police were overreacting.

In an interview with TMZ, Bash said that there wasn’t any hard drugs at the party just marijuana. Since the rapper-producer owns a medical marijuana company in California, where weed is legal, he forgets that Texas has not officially legalized the green herb.

Bash said the marijuana party got out of control with people bringing edibles and dabs, which are a high concentrated form of cannabis, which is a felony if cops catch a person smoking it. But Bash insists there wasn’t any hard drugs involved, just only weed. “Don’t panic, it’s organic,” he told TMZ.

Bash said the Lone Star cops were cool with him and Paul Wall during the arrest. They even took pictures with officers at the precinct. “We got to be more smart when we do stuff, we can’t just have big ‘ol smoke outs for the whole public and it expect it to be good in Texas,” he said. “We learned and it’s all good."

Currently, 28 states have legalized medical marijuana including California, Maine, Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, Vermont, Illinois and Florida.

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