Why are you hating? That’s the question Paul Wall keeps asking in his new video for “Why Is That.” The song is from the rap vet’s latest album, Houston Oiler.

Directed by Breadwinner Films, the visual features Paul Wall addressing the haters who want to see him fail. Behind a black backdrop that boasts colorful animation and images of diamond-encrusted grillz, weed and his clothing line, Wall aims his vitriol at his naysayers.

"Why they hating homie, why is that? Grind never slacking, pockets caking, fly as bats," he raps, adding, "Don't they know that talking down is so wack? / Don't they know that they can get their own racks?"

Much like what he states in his lyrics, Wall is on his grind. Last month, the self-proclaimed "Slab God" opened up his own grillz store called Johnny Dang & Co. The retail spot also sells speciality bags, designer shoes, custom jewelry and watches.

If you are not a hater, check out Paul Wall's video above.

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