Oddisee has never really had a shortage of truth bombs throughout his career. The DMV rhymer has even more to spit on 'Requiem,' which features Phonte.

The new song is sobering from multiple aspects. Oddisee and Phonte rhyme over a melodic riff that's as hazy as it is poignant. The lyrics don't differentiate much from that tone.

"But I'll be honest man I'm runnin' out of s--- to feel / I ain't tryna tell my biz, but I got the blues / And I watch the news like n---- what the f--- I'm 'posed to tell my kids / So f--- your city ordinance this is for the flourishing so hot in the air," Oddisee delivers.

"My father came in '76, not to get your job / But just to get a job, see we ain't make the A bomb," Phonte raps.

'Requiem' will be included on Mello Music Group's upcoming compilation album 'Persona.' The project drops on March 10.

Listen to Oddisee's 'Requiem' Feat. Phonte

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