After dropping the song "414 Words" and giving us a sneak peek into his joint album with Nottz, Achievement: Circa '82, Mickey Factz is back with the heartfelt love song "Treat You Right," featuring Phonte.

Some might say the Bronx rapper couldn't have recruited a better MC to be on the soulful cut, considering the Little Brother alum has always brought plenty of insight to the topic of relationships.

"I say all that to say that we're fortunate / We treat our love as a tournament / A contest or game until you go and get bored with it / And wear the next contestant as some kind of ornament," spits Phonte, who also does a stellar job of singing the hook.

Of course, Mickey doesn't disappoint either and paints a vivid picture of the woman who's captured his heart and describes how physically stunning she is.

"It's safe to say that it takes time / I see the curves on your waste line / It reminds me of the baseline / 'Cause it's bangin' and it bump at the same time," he raps.

According to Factz, he heard the beat for this cut on Nottz's Instagram page and from there made the song come to life. "In the comment section a fan said 'I can hear Phonte singing and rapping on this song,'" he told XXL. "I took it upon myself to make it happen."

Phonte also talked about the song and explained how he got involved.

"His [Mickey's] management sent me the record, and I was already down, but once I saw it was a Nottz beat it was a no brainer," he explained. "Nottz is family, and we go back some years. I wanted to give him something really soulful, so I brought my girl Tamisha Waden who sings with me in The Foreign Exchange to help fill out the background vocals and make it really thick."

You can check out "Treat You Right" below and look out for the Achievement: Circa '82 album later on this month.

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