In 2013, Macklemore’s debut album, 'The Heist,' became a chart-topping smash and was heavily praised by the critics. New York rapper Nitty Scott, MC was impressed by the Seattle duo’s work ethic and felt that they were the most important artists of last year.

In an interview with HipHopDX, Nitty Scott, MC, who graces our 10 New York Rappers to Watch in 2014 list, said Macklemore’s rise to stardom was inspiring to watch.

"I wouldn't go as far as considering myself a fan, but I do enjoy his music," she said. "I just think he broke a lot of barriers [last] year as an independent act and certain odds that are against him being a white rapper, for example."

The 23-year-old rhymer feels a kinship with Macklemore in that he had to struggle to find his voice in the competitive rap game.

"I kind of feel like female rappers and white rappers kind of share the same plight where it's very hard for us to find our own identity within this," she explains. "We're always sort of categorized according to gender and race, which is ridiculous in 2013."

"It’s very hard to shine for what you want to stand for message-wise and musically when you're always kind of thrown into this pool," she continued. "I feel like [Macklemore] really made himself stand out. He really beat all those odds that were against him and he was very strategic as well. He had a great year, a great record and it was very inspiring to watch."

Macklemore’s hard work has certainly paid off. The 'Same Love' artist garnered seven nominations for the 2014 Grammy Awards including the coveted Album of the Year nod for 'The Heist.'

It will be interesting to see how many of those golden gramophones they will take home at the Grammys, which air on CBS at 8PM ET Jan. 26.