For the first time, Macklemore opened up about the head-on collision with a drunk driver he was involved in back in late July.

In the interview which aired on CBS RADIO New York’s 92.3 AMP Radio, Macklemore shared the details of the harrowing experience.

“There’s just that split second of like, ‘I’m gonna die,’ — boom — and then you get hit. …I thought the other guy was dead, everyone in my car was safe — my little 10-year-old nephew was using curse words that I didn’t know he knew," he recalls.

He says the other driver was obviously intoxicated.

“It was super scary… he was obviously drunk," he said of the driver, who was charged with a DUI. "There’s no way that anybody sober would have been driving that fast trying to make that turn. We were just lucky that the car that I was in was very much like a tank and took it very well… but if that wouldn’t have been the case I might not be here today.”

The rapper urged everyone to call a car or catch a cab before getting behind the wheel drunk.

“Take Ubers, walk, take the bus. Just don’t drink and drive. It’s not worth it," he said.

Check out pictures of the car crash here, and see just how lucky Macklemore truly is. Watch the video of his interview below.


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