A new victim has come out to endorse Buzzfeed’s story that R. Kelly is allegedly running a sex cult with five or six women being held captive at his Chicago and Atlanta properties. The unidentified woman (only referred to by a pseudonym, “Kim”) exclusively told Jezebel that there are women at the singer’s beck and call but they can leave if they want to.

“They’re all above the age of consent,” the woman told the website. "Two of the women are 18 and 19, while others are in their early to mid-20s. But it was like witnessing Stockholm Syndrome. All these girls are so nice and trusting and young.”

"Kim," who is no longer interacting with R. Kelly, met he Grammy-winning singer at one of his concerts a year ago and was invited onstage and then to an after-party. That night, the singer slipped her his number and allegedly told her, 'Baby girl, I want you.' They purportedly had sex and soon she was part of his quasi-harem. “I knew what I was getting myself into,” she said. The other girls around Kelly, however, seemed more star-struck to her and appeared to depend on the singer’s approval.

"Kim" acknowledges that R. Kelly was "very controlling" to her and the other women. “When we’re out we’re not allowed to look at anyone,” she states. “We have to keep our heads down. If we’re back in his studio sitting on the couches and he has friends across the room at the bar we can’t look at each other or communicate with each other."

"He’s very controlling and manipulative. He likes to be in control," she added.

"Kim" didn't see R. Kelly get physically abusive or violent with any of the women although she did witness the singer allegedly punishing one girl for not performing a sexual act the way he liked it. She also alleges that Kelly has at least three iPads filled of video of various sexual encounters that he personally recorded.

"Kim" has read the Buzzfeed report and finds it slightly disturbing. She had no idea that other women weren’t speaking to their families and that their loved ones are worried about them. That's why she felt compelled to speak out.

“That’s horrific to me,” she said. “They have no way to get in contact with [their families]... that doesn’t sit right with me.”

“He’s really f---d up,” she added. “He’s gotten off for so long. It’s time.”

R. Kelly's reps had no comment on these latest allegations. You can read the full story at Jezebel.com.

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