Monica's forthcoming seventh studio album is called New Life, due April 10, and when the R&B singer stopped by The BoomBox's New York City offices earlier this month, she was nothing if not invigorated. The singer stopped by for an AOL Sessions performance, which will debut here on The BoomBox April 5. Before fans get to see the 31-year-old Atlanta native belting out tracks like "It All Belongs to Me," "Anything (to Find You)" and "Man Who Has Everything," among others, they can settle their eyes on this behind-the-scenes video.

In the clip, she shares her enthusiasm for making the music that has put her on the top of the charts. "When I'm working, I give it 100 percent, because it's a blessing to do what you love," she tells The BoomBox. "There's a lot of people in their jobs everyday who are not happy."

The mother of two also gives props to AOL Music's laidback approach. "It's not too structured," the tattooed songstress reveals of the studio experience. "It's not too overly put together. It kind of gives you that 'Unplugged' kind of feeling, which is something that's needed in music."

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Video of Monica's Sessions Performance

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Videography by Rob Samala & Elizabeth Bruneau

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