On Sunday, CNN rapper N.O.R.E. was arrested for allegedly punching a customer at a Miami Fatburger restaurant. According to the reports, N.O.R.E. was being disruptive, ripping up a bouquet of flowers (?) and throwing a cup filled with a suspicious "yellow liquid" at the victim. He then allegedly proceeded to punch the man in the face, yelling "Do you know who I am?"

The Queens, N.Y. rapper was charged with a misdemeanor for battery, and disorderly conduct, and was eventually released.

Gossipblogger Perez Hilton then picked up the story, posting about the arrest and calling the rapper "a douchebag," which set off (what else) a vicious Twitter back and forth between the two. The battle of the Twits included the following Gem from N.O.R.E.: "But u r homo n a way that's foul. if u don't know how I am, y would u call me a douchebag & a pitbull ...google my police records!"

To which Perez responded, "Me being a homo is foul? Is it because I'm open about it but you keep your gayness on the downlow??? xoxox."

After taking it to the Tweets, N.O.R.E. called into Angela Yee and Leah Rose's Lip Service radio show, to set the record straight once and for all.

"When I call Perez a gay motherf---er, it's just one of my first rebuttals because everybody knows he loves c---. Ain't nothin' wrong with loving c---, I got friends who love c---, I done records with Kanye West, it's cool. I'm not saying he is gay, but if he is, he doesn't bother me at all...Let's just get off the gay part about him.

He continued to explain his side of the incident:

"I walk into Fatburger. Fatburger actually has vegeterian burgers, it's called veggie burgers, they actually serve it on wheat bread, which is what you're supposed to eat if you're vegan...I walk into Fatburger I had a great time, celebrating me fitting Gucci, I got a Gucci jacket, some Gucci shoes, a Gucci belt and a Gucci hat...

This guy basically stops me, and he's like 'Yo have a drink with me.' So I'm tellin the dude, you know 'I don't really drink, and when I do drink, I don't drink this,' which he's showing me...some kind of cognac. The guy kept going at me, going at me, going at me. He had a drink in his hand. I don't know how the drink that he had in his hand necessarily ended up in his face, I'm not sure.

[But] the drink suddenly ended in this guy's face. So, things happened. I actually never hit the guy, I swung, I tried to, but I don't think nobody can, like, charge me with 'attempt to swing.' I missed, but I have a friend who was with me, he connected very well. I think he hit all of them. But the four people that they arrested was the people that didn't do nothing, including me...I definitely don't know the yellow, cause the drink wasn't yellow, it was brown."

When asked if the "friend" who landed his punches was partner in rhyme, Capone, N.O.R.E. dodged, saying, "Somebody punched him in his face, a friend of mine's, I don't know, I think his name is Tiger Bone? He had a wonderful time, and he's the only who didn't get caught, so big up to you Tiger Bone."

As for Perez, N.O.R.E. ended the call saying, "We now officially have beef with Perezhilton.com...Thanks for the promo, homo!"

Check out the audio here.

CNN's 'Channel 10' is in stores March 17.

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