Love &Hip Hop Atlanta star Momma Dee found herself in serious trouble after allegedly skipping out on a $500 restaurant bill this weekend.

According to law enforcement via TMZ, she was arrested for "fraud on inn keeper - nonpayment" in Milwaukee on Saturday morning (Sept. 26). But the VH1 reality show personality told the gossip site that the rumors aren't true.

Momma Dee dished that she was in the bathroom when the check-in-question arrived at the table. Then, when she exited, she was "bombarded" by restaurant managers and cops when she realized that all of her dinner companions left.

The reality star also noted that "even though it was her birthday, the dinner wasn't planned specifically for her and she was just an invited guest to dinner."

The 52-year-old was willing to pay for her portion of the bill, but it was not enough to keep her from going to jail. She was behind bars for only a few hours before posting the $250 bail. And shortly afterwards, the DA dropped the charges, according to the self-proclaimed queen, who also addressed her arrest on Instagram. "Reality shows make us seem like we are invincible, like we don't have feelings or families. I'm eternally greatful to my fans for your support and belief in me! TODAY..the court system found me NOT GUILTY of the charges you've been reading all over the blogs," she wrote.

She also discussed the incident in a video on Periscope.TV. "When you come for my throne guess what happens? Off with their heads -- off with their mother f--- heads," Momma Dee shared. "I should have never got locked up."

"If it was your mother that was locked up for nothing how would you feel?" she added.

But the drama-filled celebrity is keeping in high spirits.

"At the end of the day it is what it is. The queen will remain true to her throne. And remember what I told you. I'm not giving up -- especially to the bimbos," said Dee.

She also gave some insight on what viewers can expect on this season of her reality series.

"I'm going in. I may have to straighten that new husband of mine. You just never know what's gonna happen in the palace. But stay tuned."

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