While every cast on the various Love & Hip Hop series has gone through their fair share of messy fights and tears, the fifth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was so explosive that the producers of the show had to take a different approach for the reunion special, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Exposed and Unfiltered. Because so many cast members who didn't want to be within breathing space of each other, reunion host Nina Parker had to interview the stars in groups.

And if there's anyone who had the most vitriol aimed at her, it was Joseline. During Monday night's (Aug. 1) reunion episode, everyone had their own (mostly negative) thoughts about the Puerto Rican Princess.

While Mimi refused to be in the same room with her and Karlie was still mad about blackmail, K.K. was ready to throw something at Joseline after Jos told K.K. that she didn't have a "real job." There was even a moment were it seemed Nina and Joseline would get into a fight after Joseline insulted Nina's qualifications as a professional journalist.

At the beginning of the fifth season, everyone thought Tommie and Joseline would be friends. Unfortunately, Tommie was just another pawn in Joseline's plan. And after finding out she was duped by Joseline, Tommie admitted that she tried to run Joseline over, which then led to a court order that couldn't put the two women in the same room.

Despite the restraining order and trying to run Joseline over, Tommie didn't hate the woman. But she did want to set the record straight and said she didn't creep around with Stevie.

As for Stevie J, he admitted he was done with Joseline. However, Joseline kept insisting that they were married and that she still loved him. And regardless of how Stevie felt, the episode dropped a big bomb on him -- Joseline is pregnant.

K. Michelle, who made a return to the show this season, almost didn't appear on the reunion special because her bags were being checked. However, producers were able to convince her to come back and sit down with Nina. Asked why she wanted to return, Michelle admitted that she wanted to prove that she's doing much better than the rest of the women on the show.

Finally, at least for the first part of the reunion, the love triangle between Scrappy, Betty Idol and Bambi was explained. Although Momma Dee admitted she initially wanted Betty to be with her son, she realized that it wasn't that great of a match. Despite the fact that Bambi and Scrappy are now engaged, that didn't stop Betty from throwing shade at Bambi.

That's all we've got for the first part of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Exposed and Unfiltered, but be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens next.

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