After seeing the first part of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Exposed and Unfiltered, it was clear why the fifth season's cast had to be separated. With all the bad blood between different cast members, host Nina Parker would have had to have security onstage. There was even a brawl between Ariane and Mimi's ex, Chris. If you think back to the season that just passed, Mimi revealed that she was dating a transgender woman named Chris, which blew everyone away. Not sure why Chris wanted to be referred to as male, Ariane asked Mimi many questions about it. Ariane's view of Chris was tainted after he and Mimi broke up. Apparently, to express his negative feelings, Chris put everything into song and made a record all about Mimi. This sparked a fight between Chris and Ariane, which led to security being called to the set. At the end of the commotion, Chris admitted he still had feelings for Mimi. But Mimi couldn't care less.

Another relationship that was in the spotlight throughout the fifth season was Tammy and Waka Flocka Flame. After years of dealing with his infidelity, Tammy had enough; she packed up their home and moved she and their daughter somewhere else. And on the reunion episode, she admitted that she and Waka are still separated and it wasn't over just one woman.

Scrappy couldn't make the reunion special due to his current prison sentence; however, he was the center of the chatter on the part two because his mother KK mentioned that he may not be Tiarra's baby daddy.

While we saw that KK and Tiarra were on good terms during the fifth season finale, the reunion special revealed that peace didn't last. The two apparently don't trust each other. And to top it off, KK had three felonies under her belt.

Nina also had a chat with Kirk, Yung Joc and Scrappy about Scrapp, jail and how he handled it with his son, King. And the men all agreed how difficult of a situation it was.

Despite the drama between Tiarra and KK, Tiarra had some news. She got hitched two weeks prior to the taping of the reunion special. While the issues between her and KK are still going on, at least she found some happiness with her new husband.

Karlie may have proven that she had a successful career but was not as successful with love. She was dating Lyfe Jennings this past season, but after she found out about his infidelity and that he may have a child on the side, Karlie not only got back at him by getting with Scrapp, but she also gave Lyfe a piece of her mind. And after Lyfe "proposed" to her--only to break it all off with a fake engagement ring--Kylie was fuming. And she blasted him on the reunion special, which quickly turned into an all-out screaming match -- mostly from Karlie.

Finally we got to see the end of an era. Joseline and Stevie J, after five years, really did go their separate ways. And while Joseline thought that her positive pregnancy tests would keep Stevie around, he was done with her -- at least for now.

Well, there you have it -- another season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in the books. But don't worry the drama only continues with the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's third season. So stay tuned.

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