Earlier this season, Joseline revealed that she was back in Atlanta to get her revenge on everyone. And as we watched Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we wondered how she was actually going to enact her evil plan. In the ninth episode, Joseline revealed to Mimi that Stevie has another baby mama. As we saw Joseline sob through the news, Mimi couldn't help but feel for her and confronted Stevie about this. And this week, Mimi and Stevie visited this supposed baby mama in North Carolina. But even though Mimi found out about her relations with Stevie, she also found that he has no new child in the mix and Joseline was lying.

And finally, we found out what Joseline has been up to. She wanted to take Stevie down and used her "friendship" with Mimi to do it. Admitting this to Dawn, she revealed that her sob fest was an act and laughed about the fact that Mimi fell for it. She was also ready to show that she's free to do whatever and potentially whoever she wanted by alluding to some relations between her and Rick Ross. In the video below, Mimi and Rasheeda discussed what happened and what Joseline had been up to while Mimi and Stevie were on their trip.

While Joseline was laughing about her "victory" over Stevie, he dropped a bomb by admitting on Atlanta's Hot 107.9 that he and Joseline aren't officially married. Stevie also revealed that she had no clue that their marriage wasn't official.

Meanwhile, Betty Idol met up with Momma Dee to chat about Scrappy. Although Scrappy had been trying to get with Betty, a new video of the rapper making offensive comments about transgenders, namely Betty's close friend, D. Smith, killed those chances. Momma Dee couldn't believe it--until Betty showed her the video. Not only was Dee livid, but she and Betty both confronted Scrappy about it. First, Dee had a conversation with her son about the situation. Then Betty brought Scrappy and D. Smith to the same event and for them to potentially (and peacefully) talk out their issues. Unfortunately, that didn't work out so well.

Despite all the drama, the most heartbreaking moments of last night's episode was Scrappy's sentencing. With the whole family there to support, he stood in front of the judge and accepted a 20 year sentence with five of those years behind bars. What made it even sadder was the fact that he needed to start his sentence immediately and was taken out of the courthouse in handcuffs. He had to do his time, and it's hard to watch.

Tune in next week to find out what other antics will go down in the ATL.

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