50 Cent’s humorous joke has now become a reality. Legendary boxer Mike Tyson has confirmed that he’s training Chris Brown to fight Soulja Boy in an upcoming boxing match in Las Vegas.

Iron Mike went on Instagram to taunt the “Crank That” rapper who initially joked that Tyson is going to teach Brown how to bite somebody's ear off. The 50-year-old pugilist said in his video that he will teach Brown “every dirty trick in the book to knock you out," which may include biting Soulja ’s ear off. Yikes!

“What the f--- you talkin’ ‘bout? Only thing I’ma teach him is to bite somebody’s ear? Yeah, that’s right!" sneered Tyson. “I’ma teach him every dirty trick in the book to knock you out because I’m not going to teach him how to run.”

That “Run” reference is obviously a jab at Floyd Mayweather, Jr. who is training Soulja Boy. This fight is starting to look very interesting and the internet memes are relentless.

The Soulja Boy Vs. Chris Brown fight is reportedly scheduled to place in March at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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