50 Cent is having way too much fun with clowning the upcoming Soulja Boy Vs. Chris Brown charity fight in Las Vegas. The hip-hop toughie has been trolling his fans with all kinds of jokey reports about the fight on his Instagram account and the media is eating it up.

For starters, Fiddy reports that Soulja Boy got robbed in Los Angeles but the fight will still happen because his trainer (and fight promoter) Floyd Mayweather Jr. will give him one of his many diamond chains until he gets a new one.

“Floyd is supposed to be training him, but I kind of feel like Floyd want to train him and s--- so he can beat me,” 50 said in the video above. “How you gonna train this n----, all of a sudden? You is the promoter. You ain’t supposed to be training the fighter.”

The G-Unit leader then drops an exclusive on his fans. “I just got off the phone with Iron Mike Tyson. Iron Mike is gonna train Chris Brown.”

Whoa! What? Huh?

Please keep in mind that 50 is trolling us all and his brand of humor is the reason why he has over 13 million followers.

In another clip, 50 manages to get Iron Mike on the phone and he’s laughing hysterically when he informs him that he’s training Breezy. “Soulja Boy gonna get f---ed up,” Tyson says on speakerphone.

For the record, legendary boxer Adrien Broner is allegedly training Brown.

As for the undercard, 50 claims Mayweather has set up a fight between 21 Savage and 22 Savage - they are currently beefing - and the winner will hold the title of Ultimate Savage. There are also a bout between NBA rivals Kenyon Martin and Tim Thomas.

At this point we don’t know what’s fake and what’s reality. All we do know that the Soulja Boy Vs. Chris Brown fight is reportedly scheduled to place on Jan. 28 in Las Vegas.

Be there or be square.

Check out 50 Cent's funny videos below.

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