Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have announced the title and release date of their upcoming sophomore project.

The Seattle duo posted a trailer on YouTube to reveal that their next LP is called This Unruly Mess I Made and it will be released on Feb. 26. In the video, Macklemore gives fans an update of what he's been up to in the form of a spoken-word poem.

"I couldn't escape. I'd been escaping the whole time. I had to finally look... look at the mess we had made. In all it's laquered glory and tarnish failures, stare at it and then leave," he says.

“I was too comfortable, being comfortable is what kills artists," he continued. "There is creativity for validation and there is creativity for survival, they are very different places. I didn’t know what I wanted to say, didn’t know how the ink would stick to the page, how to let go of the anxiety and the suffocating fear that latched onto my vocal cords, I had to figure out how to use my voice again... so I got ghost.”

According to the clip, getting ghost entailed of him and Ryan Lewis tucking themselves away in the middle of nowhere, resetting, and making the kind of music that is spiritually fulfilling to them. And if Macklemore's impassioned speech is any indication, This Unruly Mess I Made is sure to be an emotional roller-coaster and could include some of the most daring music of Macklemore's career.

This Unruly Mess I Made is the follow-up to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' Grammy-winning debut album, The Heist. Their sophomore set comes after a relatively quiet year for the duo. Mostly because Macklemore became a first-time dad with the birth of his daughter Sloane in 2015.

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