Making platinum-selling records is a cakewalk for Macklemore. Now, his newest challenge will be tackling the everyday obligations of fatherhood. That's right, the rapper is now a dad.

Macklemore's young neighbor, Cooper Clark, posted a picture on Instagram standing alongside the "Same Love" rhymer. In the picture, Macklemore has a baby strapped onto his chest. Cooper spilled the beans with his picture and caption when he wrote, “Look who we just met! Congrats on your new baby!!!!” To make things even more interesting, in the comments section of his picture, it was revealed that the couple has welcomed a little girl into their lives.

Earlier this year, Macklemore and his fiancee Tricia Davis revealed they were expecting their first child together. Throughout the year, they teased us with videos and photos of Tricia going through the motions of pregnancy. Last month, she posted a picture with herself, Macklemore and her midwives anticipating their first born.

“My amazing doula April and midwives Tina and Wendy.... So grateful. A few years ago when I was producing the 'Same Love' video Tina let us film the birth and death scene at her midwifery center. We were turned down by many other clinics and people,” she wrote as the captioned. “She opened up to the project immediately and was so gracious throughout, despite Ben not being well known. Flash forward, she will be delivering our little boy or girl.. Gearing up for the exciting day with the team today was a treat.”

Congrats to Macklemore and Tricia!

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